Haircut With A Difference-A Guide To New Salon Trend For Men

Traditional barber shop has been popular among older gentlemen since ages. With limited hairstyle options, scarce hair styling and grooming equipment and techniques and a very plain d├ęcor, old barber shops fitted this bill perfectly. However, the salons of today boast of giving the men not only a haircut but a whole new salon experience.

Modern salons that have evolved in almost every part of the world give you latest hair styles to choose from before you make a final cut decision. Some of the services that these modern barber shops offer :

  • Several hair style options to choose from
  • Getting a hair cut from a junior or a senior hairstylist
  • Not just a haircut, you get a whole new rejuvenating experience with a neck, scalp and shoulder massage. You may also get some steamed towel hair wrap while you relax and enjoy some personal time
  • Television airing sports or music channels
  • Myriad magazines to read
  • Mostly air-conditioned environment
  • An array of grooming services from beard trimming, shave, massage and much more
  • Some salon even sell hi-end grooming products for men

With more and more men becoming conscious about the way they dress and appear, the trend of getting a complete luxury salon experience is gaining popularity. Just as women, men too need the feel to be pampered and these barber shops are providing just that.

Therefore, instead of doing your haircut at home and almost making a disaster, it is best to visit the new age barber shops and get your look enhanced.