Factors That Will Decide the Cost of Tree Removal

There are many different kinds of trees available near your property, which you need to remove time to time. Tree removal is a very labour intensive job and the cost of removal of tree also varies from tree to tree. In this small article, we shall discuss about various factors that will decide the cost of tree removal.

Removal of Stump

Many people in Leeds do not consider the cost removal of stump while the tree is removed. If you are particularly interested to remove the stump then you need to discuss the cost factor during tree removal in Leeds too. Otherwise stump will remain after cutting the tree. There are special equipments needed to remove the stump and therefore you have to include this cost.

Limb chipping

Many people in Leeds prefer to chip the limb during tree removal in Leeds as hauling of limb may be little costly.

Size of the tree

The cost of removing longer tree will certainly be much higher than any small sized tree.

Condition of the tree

The charges for removing any healthy and strong tree will be much higher as compared to any dead or dying tree.

Diameter of the tree

Diameter of the trunk of the tree plays a very important role in deciding the cost of removal of the tree. You may have to pay more for any shorter and thicker tree as compared to taller and slimmer tree.

Location of the tree

If the tree is away from the houses then it is much safer to remove them as compared to the tree, which is surrounded by many houses. Since there are more risks, the cost of removal will be higher.

Tree trimming of damaged tree

If the tree is damaged which has many branches, it has to be trimmed before cutting. This will also add to the cost of removal.